Oversight of Election Campaign and Political Party Financing

Up-to-date disclosure

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A. Discloser’s details

Svensk Ungdom, Svenska folkpartiets ungdomsorganisation r.f. 86.153

1. Subsidy period

Month Year  
01 2020
The amount of subsidy received and the recipient must be declared if the total amount of subsidy received as one instalment from the same source or the total amount of subsidies from the same source during a calendar year is at least EUR 1,500. The gross amount of the subsidy must be declared. The value of any subsidies that were not in cash must be assessed and declared in monetary terms. Declarations regarding subsidies of less than EUR 1,500 will not be accepted.

B. Details of the issuer of the subsidy

1. Company, corporation or foundation

Name of the company, corporation or foundation Y-tunnus Amount of subsidy Subsidy in form other than cash (x)
Stiftelsen Brita Maria Renlunds Minne sr 0222614-2 9 000,00

2. Private persons (the name of a private person who has donated less than EUR 1,500 may not be declared without their express consent)

First names Last name Municipality Amount of subsidy Subsidy in form other than cash (x)

C. Mediated subsidy (voluntary)

The declaration includes mediated subsidies from the following companies, corporations or persons:

D. Additional information

Tuki on palautettu kyseiselle säätiölle 11.6.2020. Tuki oli kohdennettu leiritoimintaan, joka korona-tilanteen takia päätettiin perua.
Publiced: 11.6.2020